UV LED Flatbed Printers
Golanus Reresent DMPS UV LED SYSTEMS.
DMPS was founded in South Korea in 1993 after nearly 20 years of screen printing business.Our longstanding experience in printing was compounded by top-tier man power to develop innovative digital printing technology. We supply digital flat printers to our customers in around 30 countries, in addition to the local market. High quality and productivity distinguish all our printers in the global markets. We have obtained internationally recognized certifications in design, development, production and services related to digital flat printers as part of the effort to develop prime printers preferred by customers and supply them on a timely basis. Thus we are committed to satisfying customers' requirements.

Based on nearly 20-years of manufacturing experience in screen printers and accumulated technology, DMPS has grown into a leading printer manufacturer with product lines for direct digital flat printers and UV LED digital flat printers.Our printers are widely used for a variety of products, including digital decoration or signs, interior products, gift products and plaques. Although we hold the largest market share, we continue our R&D efforts to develop new printers desired by customers and various special inks to accommodate a wide range of media. We produce customer-oriented products.

To increase precision, safety and user-friendly features, our products are backed by international certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE and patents.


Also, we provide customer services within 12 hours after a request for A/S is registered. Our prompt customer services are applied to the global markets as we open our branch offices in North America and Europe and localize our marketing strategy.DMPS stays ahead in developing new printing technology, which delivers high quality printing in full color, high resolution, direct printing on objects, eco-friendly printing systems such as UV-LED printing and eco-friendly inks. Our printers are the best choice for printing, regardless of desired production volume.
We will always remain a reliable partner to our customers.

What is Direct Printing?

The next generation of printing methods is a Direct UV LED printers.
These printers contain liquid ink material hardening by UV LED lamps on top of the printed material . There are two types of UV printers : Desktop printer : hard products especially suited when laying the raw material on the printing table and the print head from side to side over the product and printing directly on the material . Two -sided print head has UV LED lamps radiate on printed material and drying it on the matter.

A hybrid printer : particularly suitable for rigid and flexible products in a roll. This printer Place the material on the rubber belt moves the raw material from side to side , while the print head is also moving sideways , so you can print cylindrical form .

How do you know which printer to select?

Of course it depends on your needs or the needs of your customers .
Desktop printer is user – friendly and convenient , but a hybrid printer has more variety of products for printing and is more complex.


What are the advantages of UV LED Printer?

UV printing method eliminates the need for raw materials with special coatings or label to print it ( this method as sublimation paper product contains a special coating than sublimation printing it ) . By doing so created significant savings in raw material printed , saving time as well as virtually no limit to the types of raw materials that can be printed. This method print very resistant over time even in Outdoor use.

Who are the market sectors?

For a Demo and more explation regarding the UV LED Systems you are welcome to contact us.